4 tips for first-time in Vietnam for Indian traveller

Vietnam has been popular for many foreign tourists recent years. For Indians who want to travel to Vietnam, there are some things you need for your trip. So what should an Indian prepare? Below are the main tips that you should know to make your trip become smoother in this beautiful country.

  1. First-time in Vietnam – Passport and visa to Vietnam by trusted Issuing Authority in Vietnam

Every people in all over the world wanting to travel abroad must have a passport therefore, you need to obtain it before your trip in other countries. If you have already had a passport, please check the expiration date to make sure your passport is still valid at least 6 months and has at least 1 blank page.

Apart from passport, Vietnam visa is also important as all Indian must have it to enter and exit Vietnam. If you have Vietnam passport, you do not need to apply for Vietnam visa, but be sure it is issued by the Issuing Authority in Vietnam.

There are 2 way to get Vietnam visa including applying for a Vietnam Visa on Arrival which has been chosen by a lot of foreign tourists around the world for its convenience, and time-saving.

The other way to get Vietnam is applying for it traditionally at Vietnam embassy or consulate in India.


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For further details, please check more on Vietnam visa for Indians.



Vietnam Visa On Arrival is the most ideal choice to get visa for your first time in Vietnam


  1. Money

Credit cards including Master cards and Visa cards are able to be used in Vietnam. However, you need to call your bank to announce them where you’ll be in advance; if not, they may freeze your cards.

Before you travel to Vietnam, you also need to exchange some US dollars and Vietnam Dong as they are the currencies that are being used in Vietnam. Don’t worry if you use up as you can exchange them through ATM or at the bank in Vietnam. The highest amount of money that you can take at ATM in Vietnam is 2.000.000 Vietnam Dong. There is one thing you should notice is that although US dollar is acceptable to be paid in Vietnam but it is usually applicable in big hotels, restaurants, and travel agencies only.

  1. Health and travel insurance

Health and travel insurance can help you a lot when traveling oversea if there is anything unexpected happening. Thus, before traveling to Vietnam, it’s better for you to buy one. If you have already have them, check your health insurance policy to be sure it includes international coverage. If not, consider buying a short-term one.

Along with health insurance, purchasing travel insurance is a good idea to protect your trip and your money. Policies and coverage may different depending on each provider, but usually they will refund your money if your trip has to be canceled, postponed, or cut short for any reasons.

  1. Clothes

Preparing clothes before traveling to Vietnam is also necessary. Vietnam is a country which has 3 main regions and the weather changes region to region and seasons in each region are also not the same. Therefore, you should check the weather forecast first and decide which clothes you need to pack in your luggage. Also, there are some rule to wear clothes when people visit sacred places such as temples, mausoleums, pagodas, and ethnic minority group’s villages.

Vietnam is worthy visiting as there are a lot of amazing sightseeing and unique specialties and four tips above are the basic things for Indian to prepare before coming to Vietnam. Hope you can have a great time in Vietnam.

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