5 traditional Vietnamese dishes loved by every traveler

5 traditional Vietnamese dishes loved by every foreign tourist

Here are the most typical dishes of Vietnamese which are loved by foreigners and selected based on criteria such as the popularity of the menu of Vietnamese restaurants abroad and the number of articles about this dish in the international media.

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The temple with the largest main compartment in Vietnam – new destination attracting tourists

On March 3, Ba Vang Pagoda (Uong Bi, Quang Ninh) with its main compartment of 3,500 m2 setting a Vietnam record will be inaugurated after a long period of renovation.

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In the early days of spring, the land stripe in the Central of Vietnam has many festivals and special features, bringing joyful atmosphere for both local people and tourists traveling to Vietnam.

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Hoi An, the ‘Yellow City’ of Vietnam

The World Heritage site of Hoi An which is also known as the Yellow City of Vietnam is home to grand colonial houses mingled amid Chinese wooden trader’s houses.
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