Full guide for US citizens to get Vietnam visa

Vietnam is undoubtedly the fantastic nation which many tourists prefer to take a trip to in their holidays. More and more foreigners visit Vietnam, including the citizens of US.

If you are looking for how to get visa for Vietnam from USA, below is useful information for you.

You can get Vietnam visa for US citizens conveniently and easily with Vietnam Visa On Arrival method

US citizens coming to Vietnam for vacation or business can easily apply for Vietnam visa on arrival from US at visa company website such as and follow these steps below.

First of all, you need to fill in the secured application form with required information. It is compulsory to enter your exact personal information and double check to ensure the information is correct. If you want to fill out your information offline, you can download the visa application form, fill it out and send to the email of the company.

Also, you have to pay for the service fee fixed on the website. The fee depends on each company and the number of applicants, the type of visa and the processing time (normal or urgent) you wish to apply for as well. For, you can make payment with your Credit/ Debit Card via OnePay /PayPal or pay via the Western Union. The confirmation email for your application will be sent within 5 minutes.

Then, you need to wait for 2 working days (normal service) or 1 working day (urgent service) to get your Visa Approval Letter issued by Vietnam Immigration Department via email. After receiving the letter, print it out together with your application form.

Finally, you have to prepare 2 recent passport photos and exchange some dollar for stamp fee at the arrival airport. For further fee details, please check out:

Remember to take all of them along with you because you have to present them when getting your visa stamped at Vietnam airport check-in counter.

US visitors should note that although visa on arrival is more simple, convenient and time-saving, it is applicable for those who travel to Vietnam by air only. US travelers who have Vietnam visa on arrival are allowed to enter Vietnam at any of the five international airports in Hanoi, Hai Phong, Da Nang, Khanh Hoa and Ho Chi Minh City.


Vietnam Visa from US

If you plan to go to Vietnam by land or sea, you should apply for a Vietnam Visa from United States at Vietnam Embassy or Consulate General of Vietnam.

If you apply for Vietnam Visa by this traditional way, you have to prepare 1 photo (passport size), visa fee (except exemptions), and filled visa application form.  You can get the form by downloading online or you can fill in it at Vietnam’s representative missions. Don’t forget to bring your original passport (make sure that it’s still valid or at least valid for 6 months since the expiration of requested visa) when attending to Vietnam’s representative missions as it is required to be submitted together with your visa application and the passport photo. US citizens applying for Vietnamese visa can contact Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate General of Vietnam for specific directions. The issuing unit of your Vietnam Visa is Vietnam Embassy. The time for processing your form is quite long from 4 to 5 working days. After confirming your form, they will send you your passport having the visa already stamped onto it by post.

Here are the information of Vietnam Embassy and Consulate General of Vietnam in United States. You can apply for a visa for Vietnam from US at the nearer one.


Address: 1233, 20th St., NW, Suite 400, Washington DC, 20036, USA

Phone: (+1) 202 861 0737

Fax: (+1) 202 861 0917

Email: [email protected]


Address: 1700 California St, Suite 430 San Francisco, CA 94109

Phone: (415)922-1707 | (415)922-0707

Fax: (415)922-1848 | (415)922-1757

Email: [email protected]

To sum up, in order to obtain a visa for Vietnam for US residents, you may choose either of the two options mentioned above. These two options have their own benefits and are quite different in terms of the application procedure and applicable applicants. Basing on your preference, choose the suitable way to get Vietnam Visa.