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Mid-Autumn festival underway at Hanoi Old Quarter

It’s just 8 days to the Mid-autumn festival 2015 which is called Tết Trung Thu in Vietnamese. If you take your way to Hanoi Old Quarter, you will see that the Trung Thu atmosphere has covered the whole streets with numerous activities organized to serve people and especially children. Do you want to join us to experience this once-a-year atmosphere, you are welcome to Vietnam right now. But please remember to well prepare all the things including your Vietnam visa to best enjoy your trip.

Tet Trung Thu Vietnam - Vietnam visa online service

At the opening ceremony last Sunday on September 13, children’s art performances were held and scholarships were granted to outstanding students living in difficulty.

Children visiting the festival on September 18 will have a chance to play folk games, which are fading away in major cities.

A lion dance contest will take place on September 19.

The highlight of the festival will be the Mid-Autumn gala night on September 26, or the 14th day of the eighth lunar month, during which moon cakes and fruit will be served and a lantern parade and circus, art and martial arts performances will be held.

In addition, photos and documents featuring traditional Mid-Autumn festivals will be exhibited at several cultural heritage sites in Hoan Kiem District from September 18-25. Children will also be taught to make toys like star-shaped lanterns, kites and “to he” (toy animals made of sticky rice flour).