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Best Tourist SIM Cards in Vietnam: Your Detailed Guide

Vietnam tourist SIM cards are a reliable way to stay connected while exploring the country’s vibrant cities, breathtaking landscapes, and rich culture. Getting tourist SIM cards in Vietnam needs advice shared by experienced travelers. This detailed guide will walk you through everything you need to know to choose the best mobile solution for your Vietnam adventure.
Best Tourist SIM cards in Vietnam feature picture

I. Should I buy a tourist SIM card in Vietnam for travel?

Yes. Vietnam tourist SIM is more advantageous than other connectivity options in terms of cost, value, and security.
  • It saves you the time and effort of searching for free wifi spots and carrying a pocket WiFi device.
  • It saves you money by helping you avoid high roaming charges on your primary SIM card.
  • It helps protect your security by reducing the risk of leaking personal information when using public WiFi.
However, note that to use a tourist SIM in Vietnam, ensure your phone is unlocked. So, check your device before traveling.
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II. What to Consider When Buying a Tourist SIM Card in Vietnam?

Before giving specific recommendations on buying Vietnam SIM cards for travel, you should know some key factors to consider when choosing a SIM card for Vietnam:

1. Forms of SIM

There are two main SIM forms:
Physical SIM Card: you will insert the SIM card into your unlocked phone’s SIM tray. You can find them at airports or convenience stores in Vietnam.
eSIM: a virtual/digital SIM embedded into your phone’s main board. No physical SIM is required. You can activate eSIM by scanning the QR code set from eSIM providers. However, to use eSIM, your phone must be carrier-unlocked and eSIM-compatible.

2. Coverage and Speed

Vietnam has four major mobile network operators: Viettel, Vinaphone, MobiFone, and Vietnamobile. Each network has its coverage areas and data speeds, so research which provider offers the best coverage in the regions you plan to visit.
  • Viettel: widest coverage throughout Vietnam, including remote areas, reliable 4G, and even 5G coverage.
  • Vinaphone: good 4G network coverage in major cities and tourist spots, a popular choice for travelers visiting popular destinations.
  • MobiFone: competitive data plans and good coverage in urban areas, widely available in major cities.
  • Vietnamobile: coverage is not as extensive as the other three, a budget-friendly option with affordable data plans.
Consider your travel itinerary and choose a network that offers good coverage in the areas you plan to visit. You can check network coverage maps online or ask for recommendations from fellow travelers.

3. Data Plans

Consider your needs, if your Internet habits are basic needs, such as surfing the Internet, checking email, using social media channels like Facebook, Instagram,… Then you should buy SIM 4G data for Vietnam (only use the Internet, no phone number to make/receive calls, SMS)
If you need to contact Vietnam, book Grab, or make reservations, then you should buy a SIM with data and phone number.
Besides, you should also consider the following factors:
  • Data allowance: know that average travelers often consume 2-3GB per day for navigation, checking emails, using social media frequently, messaging,… So choose data plans based on your usage needs.
  • Validity: Choose a plan that covers your entire trip duration. If data runs out before your trip ends, you need to top up or buy another plan.

4. Cost

Tourist SIM cards in Vietnam generally offer affordable data packages for various needs. The overall cost depends on the provider, data allowance, validity period, and additional features included, such as unlimited calls and SMS.

5. Hotspot Sharing/Tethering

Consider whether you need to share your internet connection with other devices. Check the specific data plan for hotspot-sharing features and limitations.

6. Customer Support

Look for providers with 24/7 customer support, online resources, and easy-to-reach contact channels.

III. Best Tourist SIM Cards in Vietnam for visitors

Here’s a comparison table of top tourist SIM cards in Vietnam, providing a quick overview of key features and prices:
Provider Data Allowance Validity Price Other Features
Viettel 4GB 30 days $10 Unlimited calls & SMS
Vinaphone 10GB 1 month $15 Unlimited calls & SMS
MobiFone 5GB 15 days $8 Unlimited calls & SMS
Vietnamobile 2GB 7 days $5 Unlimited calls & SMS
Note: The prices and specific plans may vary depending on the point of purchase and time of year. It’s always advisable to check with the providers for the latest rates and offers.

IV. Best Tourist eSIMs for Vietnam travelers

eSIMs are another excellent option for staying connected in Vietnam. Here are a few popular eSIM providers that offer Vietnam data plans, listed by plan features:
  • Gigago:
    • 7GB Data: 8 days, $8.9
    • 10 GB Data: 16 days, $11.90
    • 15 GB Data: 30 days, $14.90
    • 4 GB/day Data: 30 days, $18.90
    • 5 GB/day Data: 15 days, $13.90
    • 5 GB/day Data: 30 days, $19.90
  • Holafly:
    • 1 GB Data: 7 days, $4.99
    • 5 GB Data: 15 days, $9.99
    • 10 GB Data: 30 days, $19.99
  • Airalo:
    • 1 GB Data: 7 days, $5.5
    • 3 GB Data: 15 days, $12
    • 10 GB Data: 30 days, $20
Note: eSIM pricing and availability may vary based on your location and specific provider. Consider checking the provider’s website for current offerings and activation instructions.
From the information above, we can see that Gigago provides more flexible plan options with affordable prices in compared with the two other providers. They offer a wider range of data and validity combos, including daily data plans. So they are suitable for travelers with varying needs and trip lengths.

V. Vietnam tourist SIM cards for travel: Where to buy?

You can buy tourist SIM cards for Vietnam online and pick them up at Vietnam airports, buy them upon arrival at the airports, or buy them after arrival in Vietnam cities.

1. Buy online and pick up at Vietnam airports

This method is applied to SIM cards sold online by Klook, Kkday,…
It does not require you to present your personal information during purchase, but when you pick the SIM up at the airport, you need to present the passport and voucher to take the SIM.
Besides, you need to find the appointment location for picking up the SIM.
For example, if you buy SIM cards from KKday, you can pick them up at Noi Bai airport. The location can be at Level 1 – Arrival Hall – T2 Terminal.
Map to pick up SIM cards at Vietnam airport

2. Buy at Vietnam airports

This method helps you get Internet access right upon arrival but requires you to look for SIM card kiosks and present a passport for registration.
You can buy tourist SIM cards for Vietnam at Noi Bai Airport, Tan Son Nhat Airport, and Danang Airport… through kiosks located at the arrival halls.
Moreover, Vietnam SIM card prices at airports are rather expensive compared with buying online or in local stores in the cities. Thus, it is not preferred by many travelers.
Store airport to buy SIM card in Vietnam

3. Buy in the City center

You can also buy SIM cards after settling up in your accommodation after arriving in Vietnam. SIM cards are readily available in:
  • Stores of Vietnam mobile network operators like Viettel store,…
  • Convenience stores: Many convenience stores like Circle K, Family Mart, or VinMart+ sell SIM cards.
  • Mobile phone shops: You’ll easily find mobile phone shops throughout Vietnam, especially in tourist
By Vietnamese law, you must present your passport or ID when buying a SIM card, but if you buy from small local vendors, you do not have to do it because the provider did it for you.
Most stores accept Vietnamese Dong (VND), just some larger stores may accept credit/debit cards. Therefore, it is convenient if you have some cash.

VI. Where to Buy Vietnam eSIM for Travelers?

Many providers sell Vietnam eSIMs digitally via their websites or mobile apps.
As mentioned earlier, there are many Vietnam eSIM plans offered by different eSIM providers, but you should choose one with plans suitable for your needs and good customer service.
We suggest using the Vietnam eSIM of Gigago, which is the first and leading Vietnam eSIM provider.
Gigago Tourist eSIM Vietnam
Vietnam eSIM plans of Gigago use services of Vinaphone – the top major network operators in Vietnam
The company also has great customer support in different languages, like Vietnamese, English, Japanese, Chinese, and Spanish.
So, if your phone is compatible with eSIM, you should give this technology a try to facilitate your Vietnam trip.

VII. What Vietnam Mobile Network Operators to Choose When Traveling?

The three biggest Vietnam mobile internet providers are Viettel, Vinaphone, and MobiFone.
Each has its pros and cons. But, here we give some final advice on each so you can choose the one that fits your travel needs:
  • If you are going to off-the-beaten-path destinations, choose Viettel. Their wider coverage, even in remote areas, will keep you connected.
  • If you explore cities and tourist hotspots, choose Vinaphone. Excellent 4G speeds and easy availability make it popular with tourists.
  • If you are on a budget but need reliable city coverage, go with MobiFone. They offer competitive data plans.

VIII. How to Use Vietnam SIM Cards and eSIMs

Using a SIM card or eSIM in Vietnam is generally simple:

1. Physical Vietnam SIM Card

After buying the SIM card for Vietnam, you will receive an activation code via SMS or a printed card, which you enter to activate your SIM.
Then, insert and use: Once active, insert the SIM card into your unlocked phone, and you’ll be able to use data, make calls, and send messages.

2. Vietnam eSIM

  • Receive and scan QR code: You’ll receive a QR code through email or from the app. Then you scan it using your phone’s camera or by selecting “Scan QR Code” in your eSIM settings menu.
  • Enter eSIM details: You may be asked to enter your eSIM details, such as carrier information and activation code.
  • Complete activation: Follow the prompts provided by the eSIM provider to finish the activation process.
  • Use: After activation, your eSIM is ready to use, and you’ll have access to data, calls, and messages.
Finding the right tourist SIM card or eSIM is key to sharing your adventures and navigating with ease while traveling in Vietnam. Use this guide to compare plans, pick the perfect option for your needs, and get ready to experience the best of Vietnam.