Vietnam Travel Guide – Is Vietnam expensive for Indian citizens to explore?

Vietnam is considered as a cheap travel destination for Indian citizens with a lot of beautiful places and friendly people. Although there are numerous kind of fees you have to pay during the trip, here are few fee you need to outline in your preparation.

  1. Vietnam Travel Guide – Currency rate

At present, 1 Indian rupee is equal to 347.09470 Vietnam dong

  1. Vietnam Visa Fee

Before entering Vietnam, applying for visa is required for Indian passport holders. There are now 2 ways to obtain visa: getting visa at Embassy or applying for Vietnam visa on arrival. To see detailed guide to get visa to vietnam from India, kindly click on:

Each method is required different fee, procedure and processing time. If you want to apply in person at Vietnam Embassy or Consulate in India, you have to contact directly with them to know exact fee. In case applying for Vietnam visa on arrival, All the fee including service and stamping fee can vary depending on the type of visa, the number of applicants and the processing time. You can quickly request a Vietnam Visa Online & see the estimated Vietnam Visa Cost through:

  1. Vietnam Travel Guide – Accommodation fee

Based on the length of your stay in Vietnam as well as the place you want to visit, the payment for a place to sleep can be different. There are a wide variety of accommodation raging from affordable to luxury place. According to your budget, you can consider to choose the most suitable place to stay during your trip.

  1. Transportation fee

You can choose moving by public transportation, taxi or motorbike.

The public transportation in Vietnam is quite good and various with air conditioner. It only cost you around 7000 VND/trip.

Otherwise, it will be more interesting if you can move by motorbike. You can rent a motorbike with your ID card/passport and around 200,000 VND per day. Beside, catching “Xe Om” or “Motorbike Hug”, which is basically a motorbike taxi is more popular in Vietnam. You should tell driver a clear idea of your destination, negotiating a price before taking a ride.

Another option for your choice is taxi which is more careful and convenient. There are numerous the prestige taxi brands such as Mai Linh taxi, Vinasun taxi, Hoang Long taxi, etc. Nowadays, you also can use mobile apps such as Uber or Grab to book a mean of transportation easily. While traveling around, you should bring a map or use map on your smartphone to ensure your location and your destination.

  1. Food and drinks

Vietnam has plenty of tasty dishes with reasonable price, especially street food.

If you want to try street food, please consider about the quality of those foods and ask the price before eating. Normally, you will only have to pay around 100,000 VND.

Apart from street, you can also enjoy many luxury meal in a lot of famous restaurant from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh city. You may check the price online on their website.

  1. Vietnam Travel Guide – Shopping Tips

You can find many beautiful specialties, souvenir and clothes when visiting Vietnam. Please make sure to control your money before buying anything if you do not want to run out of money.

Above are some notices for Indian travelers to evaluate their budget to travel around Vietnam. Hope that you will have suitable spending plan for your upcoming Vietnam trip