Visa cost between VOA Vietnam and Vietnam Embassy Visa

With the development of life, tourism has become a necessity for everyone, nowadays foreign travel is no longer too difficult, all procedures become easier, cost is also cheaper than. The demand for Visa and Passport also increases accordingly. So what is visa? How much is it and how can you save money as applying visa? In this post, we will propose the comparison cost between VOA (Visa on arrival) and embassy visa.

Visa is a certificate from the immigration office of one country to verify that you (or someone else) are authorized to enter that country for a specified period of time, depending on the circumstances like single entry or multiples entry.

For instance, in Vietnam, at the moment, there are up to 3 ways to obtain a visa for Vietnam, consisting of:

  1. Obtain the visa at Vietnam Embassy/Consulate;
  2. Obtain the visa on arrival; or
  3. Obtain an Vietnam E-visa

E-visa stands for “Electronic Visa”. It is a legal permit to allow foreigners to enter the border and travel in the country. E-visa is the latest form of visa. However, there are some countries allowed to have E-visa with Vietnam .So, we will make a brief comparison between these two other choices.

For VOA Vietnam (Vietnam Visa On Arrival) 

In order to get Vietnam Visa on Arrival, be aware that you need to pay two kinds of fee: Service fee and Stamping fee, details as below:


Service fee is paid online to in order to get the Visa approval letter. This fee would vary depending upon your Visa type, number of applicants and processing time.


Stamping fee is paid in cash to Immigration Officer at Vietnam International Airport to get visa stamped. The rate is publicly announced in Government website and you will receive a red bill for the payment.

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Besides, there are also extra services offered.


All immigration procedures shall be handled by our careful, courteous and professional staff in the most time saving manner. You will not to get in line and wait for Visa stamped.


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Remember to check your budget on Vietnam Visa

For Vietnam Embassy visa: Application for a tourist visa for foreigners entering Vietnam

Foreigners entering Vietnam can apply for a tourist visa to Vietnam for one month or up to 3 months. To apply for a visa for foreigners in Vietnam tourism should follow the steps and procedures as follows:

  1. Step 1: Foreigners or relatives of foreigners applying for guarantee service will apply for entry visa for tourism purpose at the address.
  2. Step 2: Receipt of a copy of the entry for the visa at the airport, embassy/consulate or original entry document for entry at the land border gate. .
  3. Step 3: Claim Form NA1 – Visa Application Form with photo 3cm x 4cm + Original passport + Entry visa at the place where the visa is received at international organizations of Vietnam or diplomatic missions of Vietnam.
  4. Step 4: Pay the fee and receive a tourist visa: Foreigners pay the fee at the place where the visa is received (at the Embassy/Consulate). The fee depends on nationality and type.

In conclusion, to do visa at the embassy, you have to take care of your transportation, time and documents. However, with VOA (visa on arrival), you just need fill in the form at the Vietnamese International airport, save time and money.

For advice on getting a Vietnam tourist visa please contact directly by phone or Email for detailed and specific advice.