Vietnam visa tips for Indian

10 tips about Vietnam visa on arrival for Indian passport holders

1. All Indian passport holders can apply for Vietnam visa on arrival.

2. If they wish to obtain a Vietnam visa on arrival, they must obtain a Vietnam visa approval letter before their departure for Vietnam.

3. All Indian passport holders can apply for Vietnam visa on arrival.

4. Indian citizens can apply for Vietnam visa online everywhere.

5. Indians should only apply for Vietnam visa on arrival if they travel to Vietnam by air.

6. Indians are not required to provide exact arrival date in their online application for visa on arrival. A planned date can be provided. But, remember, they can arrive in Vietnam later than that date, but an early arrival is not arrival.

7. Indians do not need to contact any Vietnam embassy if they decide to get Vietnam visa on arrival. As visa on arrival is issued by Vietnam Immigration Department, there is no need to work with the embassy. Applicants only need to contact an online travel agent to submit their visa application and get visa approval letter.

8. They can arrive in Vietnam via an international airport in Vietnam which is different from the one provided in their application form.

9. Indians, who use visa on arrival, need to pay to kinds of fee: visa approval letter fee (service fee) to be paid to online travel agent for processing visa approval letter with the Vietnam Immigration Department; and stamping fee to be paid in cash to immigration officer at Vietnam airport to get full visa stamped.

10. To avoid time waiting in front of immigration counter at Vietnam airport to get visa stamped, Indians using visa on arrival can use fast-track service to have someone assist them to get visa quickly.