5 Friendly South-East Asian Destinations for Indians

For Indian passport holders, South-East Asia is a familiar destination with various priority visa policies. Imagine that you have an idea about traveling somewhere, and can do it right away.

Here are list of 5 Southeast Asian places having friendly visa policy for your choice recommended by Vietnamvisa.org.in.

1. Vietnam

The capital Hanoi brings an ancient and elegance beauty, Ho Chi Minh City is more hustle and high energy. Hoi An Ancient Town is a ancient laidback with beautiful architecture. Halong Bay is known as a designated World Heritage site will bring an experience of sightseeing the limestone isles on a boat. For a food lover, Vietnam is actually a paradise with thousand dishes of various taste at cheap price.

Vietnam among the best place to visit in Southeast Asia for Indians - Vietnam visa

Vietnam among the best place to visit in Southeast Asia for Indians

In addition, Vietnam visa for Indians is quite easy to apply f. In which, Vietnam visa on arrival is considered as the most convenient and the simplest way to obtain a Vietnam visa, both for short and long-term stay with single/multiple entries for leisure or business purposes. You can go online https://www.vietnam-visa.com/ to apply the online visa to Vietnam. After a few steps, you will receive The Letter of Approval to get visa stamped onto your passport at Vietnam arrival airport.

All the cost and procedure of Vietnam visa on arrival for Indian is clearly detailed on https://www.vietnam-visa.com/guide/india/.

Vietnam visa for Indians

Vietnam visa for Indians

2. Thailand

Thailand seems to be suitable for shopping lovers as you can shop until you are tired with thousands of stores and shopping malls. Besides, you can enjoy the world’s most breath taking beaches such as Krabi or Koh Samui or make a vacation to Chiang Mai and the Golden Triangle. Another interesting experience is Thai spa, which will help you feel relax and utterly rejuvenated.

Thailand - Vietnam visa


Thailand visa for Indians costs about 1000 Baht (cash payment in Baht only) for visa on arrival. For further details of requirement, you can refer the website of Embassy.

3. Laos

Laos is one of the most beautiful countries of Southeast Asia with the travel scene rapidly. There are many attractions such as Luang Prabhang which is a royal city for history lover, the beauty of nature in the Northern Laos. In order to understand Laos really, staying in a local homestay is an experience recommended for all travelers around the world.

Laos - Vietnam visa online for Indians


Indian visitors can obtain Laos visa on arrival for a maximum of 30 days-stay and the fee is about 30 USD

4. Cambodia

Angkor Wat is a popular destination in the travel list of visitors all around the world. There are many more cool and amazing places to visit in Cambodia such as the two big cities: Phnom Penh, Siem Reap. especially, there is no reason to not mention the tropical beaches in the South of Cambodia.

Siem Reap in Cambodia for Indians - Vietnam visa

Siem Reap in Cambodia

There are three options for Indian citizens to apply a visa such as: to apply at the Embassy, to get an e-visa online, to apply for Visa on arrival.

5. Maldives

Maldives are actually the perfect destination with breath taking scenery and beaches activities such as world-class diving, floating, etc. You will be impressed with the variety of the sea world with coral walls and fish in many colors. For sure, the resort system is highly appreciated with comfortable and luxury services. And if you plan to stay here for 30 days, you are not required to get a visa.

Maldives - Vietnam visa for Indians


These are 5 destinations in Southeast Asia with very favorable policies for visa for Indians. Wish you all a great journey ahead.